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Audi A6 4.2 quattro automatic S6 wide body avant
High Wycombe, UK

Audi s6 avant.. 4.2 v8 RS6 wide body

170k on the clock

10 months MOT

I bought this beast of a car from a friend who had it for a few years he lost his license due to health, so he past the car on to me.. the car has been in storage for a couple year now, so will need some work to bring it back to its glory days.. if your not too fussy it can be used as it is..

This is a very rare, completely original, unmodified car.

Very fun car to drive, sounds like a beast.

Now this is around a 21 year old car so the body has a few marks around it nothing major also the interior can do with a good clean.. the instrument cluster is abit temperamental also the sunroof sometimes opens and sometimes doesn't but I have replacements which will go with the car.. more

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