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Audi A2
Hockley, UK

A really lovely example of the iconic A2. (NOT the problematic TFSi)

We looked for over a year to find this beauty and it has been the family car for over 3 years, We have recently gone one size up to the A3 and unfortunately don't have the space or finances to run both cars.

if you are looking for a small solid reliable car then research these Audi A2's, they are aluminum body and as such cant rust, ask any mechanic about them and they will tell you how good these are (as long as its not the tfsi). Mileage for these is normally well into the 200k's and in Germany you often see them at 400k+. This one has only done a measly 135k so she's still got a world tour or two in her.

if there we zero issues with the car she would be for sale for 2 and half grand, as there are a couple of little things to sort out the price allows the new owner to get it back tip top at a bargain price, but rest assured there's nothing major. The clutch has been replaced, its had new brakes fitted and an EGR valve more

£800 check latest price

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