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Wednesday, 1 April 2020

31 March
Lexus accelerates to 250,000 hybrid SUV sales in Europe

UK demand has helped Lexus pass the milestone of 250,000 hybrid SUV sales in Europe. More than 25% of the total sales were achieved in the UK, boosted since the introduction of the RX 400h in 2005 – the world’s first luxury hybrid vehicle. Since...

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30 March
Lexus Hybrid SUVs pass the 250,000 mark in Europe – led by Lexus sales in the UK

In the fifteen years Lexus has been selling hybrid SUVs in the UK and Europe it has amassed sales of over 250,000, with the UK responsible for over a quarter of sales. It’s more than 20 years since Lexus added to its range with the luxury RX SUV,...

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18 March
Lexus RX

The Car Expert - Independent, impartial advice The Lexus RX and RX L have received praise for for their build quality, comfort and refinement, but have been criticised for their driving dynamics. Lexus RX

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18 March
Lexus UX becomes world's first tattooed car

Full story on Lexus's new baby crossover - the UX - including new full EV

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