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Tuesday, 21 January 2020

20 January
Jaguar Land Rover’s new shape-shifting seat of the future makes you think you’re walking

Pioneering technology could help reduce the health risks caused by sitting down too long The post Jaguar Land Rover’s new shape-shifting seat of the future makes you think you’re walking appeared first on Automotive World.

Automotive World

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20 January
Jaguar develops car seat that simulates walking

Jaguar's new car seat tricks your body into thinking youre taking a healthy stroll

Car Magazine

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18 January
Jaguar Land Rover plan to get you to ‘Walk’ while you drive

Jaguar Land Rover has developed ‘morphable’ car seats which use a series of actuators to mimic walking while you’re driving to improve back health. We’ve all driven cars which leave us with an aching back after even a short journey, and we’ve all...

Cars UK

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17 January
Jaguar-Land Rover wants future car seats to mimic walking

Sitting for long periods isn't great, so JLR wants to trick your body into thinking it's walking.


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16 January
Jaguar Land Rover invents car seat intended to simulate walking

JLR says innovative seat makes you think you're exercising and hopes to address sedentary lifestyles Jaguar Land Rover has designed a new shape-shifting car seat that aims to stimulate your muscles as if you were walking. The seat, which is being...


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16 January
Jaguar Land Rover is working on a SHAPESHIFTING seat

Its designed to simulate walking while sitting down for a really long time


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15 January
2020 Jaguar XJ: electric-only saloon spotted for the first time

Battery-powered XJ is due to be unveiled this year, and the very first prototype spyshots show testing is well under way Jaguar is preparing to unveil a new-generation, electric only XJ later this year, and now images of the first disguised...


09 January
The Jaguar F-PACE SVR: A Modern-Day Supercar

Let’s be perfectly clear: The 380-horsepower Jaguar F-PACE S has always been a fast SUV. Its supercharged V6 roars to life and will make the uninitiated’s hair stand on end. On this point, there is little argument. The trouble is, performance SUVs...

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