TomTom One XL

With the release of the TomTom One XL, TomTom, one of the most popular manufacturers of personal navigation devices, put on the market, one of the easiest to use GPS systems around - thanks to the fact that the device's plug and play capabilities. You won't have to worry about super complicated set ups that will require a couple of IT people to explain how to actually use the thing.

Users will love the ability to both type in their destination and the new voice address input which make it much safer and easier for drivers to enter in addresses without distraction, or the help of a passenger to type anything while the driver handles the wheel. And they'll also love the 4.3" inch touchscreen LCD, a popular format for TomTom because it produces gorgeous looking widescreen maps in 64,000 colors and the One XL's lightweight, redesigned, sleek, thin size and which makes it easy to hook up to their dashboards or windshield, carry in a pocket or purse or even get directions while walking about on the town.

Much like TomTom's other offerings, TomTom guarantees that the One XL will have the latest maps of North America and Europe already preinstalled, an extensive Point of Interest database which will have millions of points of interest users might need such as ATMs machines, gas stations, hotels and other tourist attractions, easy access to traffic information and a free subscription to TomTom's services such as TomTom Share, a community of TomTom users who regularly share updates of maps and features with each other and much more. Plus it can quickly recalculate routes.

TomTom's One XL has a highly sensitive GPS chip and a very fast, internal 268 MHz CPU which will give users the ability to upload the directions and maps they'll need within a few moments. Plus with 1GB of internal memory and an SD card slot which expands the devices capabilities to include the ability to play back music files on the device, as well as allowing users to save maps and directions and preset trips before you go. A rechargeable lithium ion battery allows for two hours of continuous use on the go.

Additionally, the One XL has Bluetooth capabilities for certain handsets, allowing users to make and receive calls on the GPS. And international users will love the fact that the device has over 20 different language interface installed and over 30 different spoken language directions.

For its simplicity and ease of use, beginning GPS users and buyers will love the TomTom One XL as their first personal navigation device. And they'll love the tons of added features for this particular unit.