TomTom GO 730T

The TomTom GO 730T is one of the most advanced personal navigation units on the market today. Much like previous TomTom models, it's practically plug and play capable allowing users to easily set it up without having an IT department nearby. And like other TomTom models, the GO 730T allows users to both type in addresses and enter in addresses by speaking into the device, making it easier to drivers to obtain directions without dangerous distractions or the need of a passenger to enter addresses and locations.

Users will love the 4.3" widescreen, touchscreen display which renders maps in a gorgeous array of 64,000 colors. But in this unit drivers could switch back between two dimensional and three dimensional map views for real-time, real conditions views of the roads users will be travelling. Users will also love the lightweight, thin and super sleek design of the device as it allow them to stick it in a pocket or a purse whenever they're not using the device.

The 730T, much like other TomTom GPS units have preinstalled maps of North America and Europe a much more extensive Points of Interest database than any of its predecessors. Plus with a 400MHz CPU, 64MB of RAM and 2GB, the 730T displays maps and directions quickly. But let's not forget that with a SD/MMC card reader, the 730T can easily become a media player, allowing users to play MP3s and other music files through the unit. There's also a connection for your iPod so you can wirelessly listen to your tunes through the unit.

The built in FM transmitter allows a user to listen to FM radio through the unit as well. Also like the other TomTom GPS units, the 730T is Bluetooth capable — allowing users to pick up and make calls if you use specific providers and headsets. International users will love the fact that the device has over 20 different language interface installed and over 30 different spoken language directions.

With the TomTom GO 730T, you'll also receive brand new features — features only seen in more advanced models. Users will get instant traffic and weather updates through the preinstalled traffic receiver.

But the newest and most exciting development is IQ Routes. IQ Routes is a program TomTom software developers designed which can quickly retrieve historical data on traffic patterns for millions highways and byways, roads and streets to create a highly accurate reading of the fastest possible routes you can take. Intermediate and advanced users will love the 730T's simplicity and advanced capabilities for their navigation needs.