TomTom 530

Retaining the slim design of the TomTom 520 with "real metal" detailing, the TomTom 530 improves on the success and popularity of the TomTom 520 with some new software updates including new junction graphics which allow drivers to see complex junctions in real conditions and know which lanes they should take and where lanes turn into different highways or exits. This new software will allow drivers to safely change lanes whenever they may need it. A user can view these junctions in 3D or 2D and it the programming alerts users on when they'd need to take turns or where exits come up.

Of course, voice recognition software is another safety-first capability, allowing users to give their destinations and addresses via voice without distraction or the need of an extra person to type anything in. And if the user wants, they could easily type in their destinations and addresses. Plus with its easy plug and play capabilities, users don't need an IT department to help them use the device.

Like other TomTom units, the 530 has an internal FM receiver so a user can listen to FM radio through the unit, an iPod connector to wirelessly use your iPod through the GPS unit and it is Bluetooth capable — allowing users to pick up and make calls if you use specific providers and headsets. With a SD/MMC card reader, the 520 can easily become a media player, allowing users to play MP3s and other music files through the unit while allowing users to save and preplan routes.

International users will love the fact that the device has over 20 different language interface installed and over 30 different spoken language directions. Plus there are accurate, preinstalled maps of North America and Europe. These maps are so accurate, so up to date that TomTom will guarantee their accuracy. And of course, there's the popular 4.3" widescreen, touchscreen LCD display which renders maps and directions in 64,000 colors.

The newest and most exciting development is IQ Routes. IQ Routes is a program TomTom software developers designed which can quickly retrieve historical data on traffic patterns for millions highways and byways, roads and streets to create a highly accurate reading of the fastest possible routes you can take. Another feature on the 530 is a detailed database of safety cameras which will assist those more heavy footed drivers avoid speeding tickets. As soon as you approach a safety camera, the unit will alert you with a special icon which will come up on the unit.

Also there's the addition of TomTom Share where TomTom users can update maps and routes with other users, assisting TomTom developers in creating the most accurate and up to date information around. Intermediate and advanced users will love the 530's simplicity and advanced capabilities for their navigation needs.