Garmin Nuvi 250W

Garmin is a recent entry into the personal navigation field and they hope to break into the industry with the release of their Nuvi 250W. The 250W has the industry standard 4.3" widescreen, touchscreen 480x272 pixel LCD display which renders beautifully detailed maps, and can easily be seen in every direction and in varying degrees of light, which is something no other manufacturer could claim.

Garmin much like their competitors offer preinstalled maps and their Navigator NT software which has detailed points of interest information, giving 250W users information on hotels, restaurants, gas stations, ATMs and other points of interest along your way. Plus unlike their competitors, the Garmin Nuvi 250W allows users to switch between 2D and 3D views of maps or turn-by-turn directions as well as the ability to add custom points of interest, adding school zones, parks or anything else you'd want. You can also set how frequently the device will alert you on upcoming points of interest.

The Nuvi 250W's sleek, thin lightweight design allows users to the ability to easy carry the device in a pocket or a purse. But most interesting is the addition of a pre-installed picture viewer, a world traffic clock with tine zones, a currency converter and a measurement converter — all of which are helpful for international drivers.

And there's the addition of Garmin Lock, an anti-theft feature that no other manufacturer has produced yet. Plus there's the industry standard voice recognition program, allowing users to speak their destinations into the device. In addition, Garmin has a specialized choice of route program which allows users to program routes for the fastest or shortest route as well as route avoidance which will help drivers avoid traffic, construction and other delays based on real time results. A rechargeable lithium ion battery can get up to five continuous hours of usage on the road.

But where Garmin differs from any other manufacturer on the market is that Garmin allows users to download custom vehicle icons to show your location on your GPS maps and users could download travel guides with more detailed information of points of interest, tourist sites and more information for curious users who want to know their destinations better than ever before. Plus, Garmin offers special information and deals for authorized dealers of Garmin-related products. And you can view your travel memories on the unit with a preinstalled picture viewer called NewPix. Certainly, Garmin's newest releases offer a bit of something for everyone from the casual user to the avid professional.