Let eCar Solve Your Temporary Short Term Car Insurance

Students need short term car insurance

Here are just some of the reasons why you may need insurance only for a temporary period.

  • You have borrowed a friends car, and need insurance for a few months.
  • Selling your car soon, but insurance has run out. Need cover just for a week
  • Need to take a car out for a test drive, and need insurance just for a day..
  • Want to share driving on a long trip, and need another person insured on your car for a short-term.

This is where eCar helps you. eCar specialises in temporary car insurance with two market leading policies

  • Short-Term Policy - 1 to 28 days car cover. For the one-off occasions.
  • Pay-As-You-Go Policy - Pay on a monthly basis. Stop and start whenever you like.

So eCar will cover you if you need car insurance for a day, a week, a month, 6-months, or for as long as you need.

Why not just take Insurance for a Year and then Cancel?

Of course you can take out a standard year long cover with other insurers, and cancel the policy when you do not need it. However, in many cases, this incurs an expensive charge to cover administration costs!

eCar specialises in short-term, temporary insurances, so administration for such policies are very cost competitive and hassle free. You only pay for insurance for when you need it, and switch it off when you don't, no extra charges.

How can eCar be Cheaper than the Competitors?

eCar are not brokers, they are insurers direct to you, so the middleman is cut out, meaning that the commission that is usually given to the broker is passed to you as a saving. Another reason for the competitive prices is because eCar is an online only establishment, so many of the administration costs used for personnel are not required. Of course when you need personnel, the help desk is available by phone, and should you need to make a claim, 24hr staff are available by phone as well.

What other benefits do I get?

eCar has full online administration, thats means you have 24/7 access to your policy.

In Addition, the following benefits are also available on the Pay-As-You-Go policy

  • Earn 1 years No Claims Discount for only 8 months' claim free cover
  • Maximum No Claims Discount guaranteed for life.
  • The monthly rate you are quoted will be guaranteed for 8 months providing no changes are made.


source: www.ecarinsurance.co.uk

"Just renewed my insurance with eCar. Thought the website was very good and easy to complete and the cheapest quote I could find by far!"

"This company is brilliant i will be taking up a policy on payday! U don't have any competition with these prices! U R officially number 1 in my book!!!!! BRAP"

So apply to eCar, the number one in Short Term and Temporary car insurance.