Intune Insurance

Intune car insurance help the aged

Why Choose Intune?

With intune car insurance, not only will you benefiting from a comprehensive insurance cover, but you will also generate money for the Help the Aged charity organisation.

This is because Intune Group contributes every penny of their profits to Help the Aged. So, all profits generated from selling products go directly to fund the work the Charity is undertaking to free disadvantaged older people from poverty, isolation and neglect.

But how does it benefit me?

Just because Intune gives all its profits to charity does not mean that it's insurance policy is lacking. In fact, intune car insurance offers the following great benefits that other companies may not offer

  • Up to 75% discount if you have 5 years no claims discount. We believe that you should awarded for you driving experience over the years.
  • Cost of replacing locks if your keys are lost or stolen.
  • Up to 5 year warranty on repairs using a selected repairer. This is more than most garages would warranty for.
  • Even more discount if you apply online.

All this in addition of

  • Free windscreen security etching.
  • Optional protected no claim discount.
  • Windscreen and window glass cover without loss of no claim discount.
  • Personal belongings cover up to £200.

What does Help the Aged do?

Help the Aged works with a network of affiliate organisations around the world to achieve lasting improvements in the lives of disadvantaged older people. Older people are among the most vulnerable in society, and Help the Aged include the following support for older people

  • Help older people in times of Crisis, as lack of mobility and social isolation can prevent older people from accessing relief assistance.
  • Provide a voice so that they are not left lonely and isolated, as they are often excluded from projects and initiatives that could help them.
  • Work with local health care organisations so that older people have access to services which suit their basic health care needs.
  • Lobbies for free health care for older people.

To find out more what Help the Aged does, visit