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22 Oct 2018

Latest Land Rover News

Calling all Jaguar Land Rover owners who have had 18C/Smartphone pack installed—we need your details!

Jaguar Land Rover officially continues to keep mum on details for the latest InControl Touch Pro updates, so let’s see if we can help ourselves and get this sorted. Regardless of having a Jaguar or Land Rover vehicle, please visit the link below and add your details to the thread.  Help your fellow owners who [?] more

Source: Oval News

Published: Sat, Oct 20 2018

Dear Land Rover (UK, USA, et al.), your CarPlay rollout sucks

Preface: Jaguar Land Rover, please prove me wrong on all that follows below.  I can’t wait to update this post and tell everyone how great you did in fixing yes another issue you have with tech and transparency. So we’re just under a month from when “A spokesperson for the brands confirmed to MacRumors” that [?] more

Source: Oval News

Published: Fri, Oct 19 2018

Jaguar Land Rover plans two-week closure as demand falls

UK's biggest carmaker will shut its Solihull plant due to weak demand but no jobs will be lost. more

Source: BBC News

Published: Mon, Oct 8 2018

Smartphone Pack officially mentioned in JLR Pathfinder 193; CarPlay, Android Auto and Baidu CarLife is here

Here is the document you need to let you dealer know that you know about the Smartphone Pack Pathfinder Release Notes — 193 PDF (7 pages/182KB) For extra index-a-bility, here’s the text: New Features: 17MY > 18MY Range Rover / L405 17MY > 18MY Range Rover Sport / L494 17MY > 18MY Discovery / L462 [?] more

Source: Oval News

Published: Fri, Oct 5 2018

Officially supported CarPlay in a Land Rover, finally? Version S18C_18.34.5-213496

From Ross in the UK — his 2017 Discovery got the 18C update and with it, CarPlay is finally here. First the InControl Touch Pro 18C version, S18C_18.34.5-213496 (This same version has also started showing up in Velar’s & F-Pace’s in the UK) Now what it looks like screen to screen. Extra Features: Then you [?] more

Source: Oval News

Published: Sun, Sep 23 2018