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15 Dec 2017

Latest Honda News

2018 Honda Clarity Plug-In Hybrid First Drive: Can a TL;DR Society Embrace the PHEV?

“Too long; didn’t read,” abbreviated tl;dr by internet commenters who can’t be bothered to spell out all of four words, could be our new national motto, a reflection of society’s shrinking attention span. Twitter’s generous doubling of its character limit notwithstanding, we live in a world that tends to ignore complex ideas that can’t be [?] more

Source: Car and Driver

Published: Wed, Dec 13 2017

Ace of Base Redux: 1990 Honda Accord DX Coupe

In 1990, the Nintendo Game Boy was flying off store shelves, neon clothes was very much in vogue, and President Bush was busy denouncing broccoli. And ? oh, yeah ? Honda rolled out a new Accord for the 1990 model year. With a strong visual presence giving it a refined and contemporary look, the Accord Coupe [?] The post Ace of Base Redux: 1990 Honda Accord DX Coupe appeared first on The Truth Abou more

Source: Truth about Cars

Published: Wed, Dec 13 2017

VW’s Bringing a New Jetta to Detroit; Still Won’t Outsell the Honda Civic

The standard Volkswagen Jetta rarely sets any hearts aflutter, given its sensible and sober styling and insomnia-curing interior. However, it is the marque’s bread-and-butter ? its best-selling nameplate by many orders of magnitude, so mention of a redesign deserves notice. Set to be shown at the Detroit show in January, it’ll likely launch as a [?] The post VW’s Bringing a New J more

Source: Truth about Cars

Published: Mon, Dec 11 2017

QOTD: Power to the People?

Later this week you’ll be reading about my exploits in a couple of alternative energy vehicles ? the next-generation Nissan Leaf and Honda Clarity Plug-in Hybrid. Yes, dear reader, even this truck-loving rural boy can understand the need for companies to develop machines that don’t burn dead dinosaurs. Surrounded by plug-in hybrids, battery-electric vehicles, and [?] The post QOTD: Pow more

Source: Truth about Cars

Published: Mon, Dec 11 2017

On recalls, Honda goes the extra mile

It took a while for Honda to recognize the scope of its problem with bad Takata airbag inflators, but since it did, the company has led the way in finding affected vehicles and getting their owners to come in for repairs. more

Source: Automotive News

Published: Mon, Dec 11 2017