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20 Oct 2017

Latest BMW News

Front-Wheel-Drive BMW M Car Gets the Brakes

Much like AMG lately, BMW has expanded the number of vehicles it sells with the M badge. Not only can you get full M versions of many more cars than you could in the past, there are also now M-tuned trim levels that don’t quite get the full M treatment. But while BMW will gladly sell you an... The post Front-Wheel-Drive BMW M Car Gets the Brakes appeared first on Automobile Magazine. more

Source: Automobile Magazine

Published: Fri, Oct 20 2017

2017 BMW i3 EV Tested: Style Over Substance

What It Is: BMW’s i sub-brand was announced in 2011, but its first product, the i3, didn’t launch until the second half of 2013. BMW’s first mass-produced battery-electric vehicle, the i3 was followed quickly by the i8 hybrid sports car. The i3 is a funky hatchback with rear-hinged back doors, integrated taillights hidden behind a [?] more

Source: Car and Driver

Published: Thu, Oct 19 2017

Best Aussie cars - Australia's greatest performance hits

Jordan Katsianis 17 Oct 2017 General Motor’s Australian arm Holden has finally switched off the lights at its Adelaide factory, marking the end of Australian car manufacturing. The last of three manufacturers that have shut up shop in the last two years, Holden, like Ford and Toyota before it, has promised to keep local design and engineering operations going, working on a variety of Asia Pa more

Source: Evo

Published: Tue, Oct 17 2017

Delivery mileage McLaren F1 goes up for sale

Lee Stern 17 Oct 2017 The McLaren F1 is the car that set the modern hypercar template and is hugely sought after by collectors as a result. Only 106 cars were built between 1992 and 1998 so F1s are rare in the extreme but one has just come to market that takes this rarity to another level. After two decades of ownership, unregistered, this Mclaren F1’s odometer reads just 149 miles courtesy more

Source: Evo

Published: Tue, Oct 17 2017

Tokyo motor show 2017 — preview

Antony Ingram 12 Oct 2017 You know where you are with certain international motor shows. Geneva is the glamorous one, where supercars and concepts rule. Frankfurt and Paris are the big ones, where the German and French brands preview the next few years of their core model ranges. Meanwhile, the American shows like Detroit and Los Angeles do the same for the American car industry — usually wi more

Source: Evo

Published: Tue, Sep 26 2017

BMW: We need free trade after Brexit

BMW chief executive Harald Krueger says the car industry needs free trade between the UK and the EU after Brexit. more

Source: BBC News

Published: Tue, Sep 12 2017