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Audi S6 C5 widebody 4.2 V8 quattro swap no reserve
Windsor, UK

I will start this advert by adding a few rules. This car has been won on ebay 4 times now and none of the winners have shown up. I am a very busy person and i havent got time for these games.

If you bid on the car and win, i will need a 50 deposit within 24hrs or the car will be relisted and a case will be opened within 2 days. If you win the auction it is to buy the car, its very simple. I dont understand the need to wase time and my money, i have never had to do this before but it seems ebay is now full of time wasters or dreamers. This will probably be the cheapest S6 C5 Widebody on ebay, others are advertised for 3k+.

Here for sale or swap/px is my 2000 Audi S6 C5 quattro wide body. The reason i am selling the car is im now doing a lot of miles for work and its not really ideal for that. Id like to keep the car and get a run about but im not financially in a position to do that so it has to go. The car is 20 years old and has a 340bhp 4.2 V8 so please dont bid if you are expecting a showroom condition 55mpg car. more

£1270 check latest price

Watchers: 79

Bidders: 24

Ending: Saturday Aug 24, 16:10 BST

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