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Audi a2 1.4 tdi sport
Dunstable, UK

Hi welcome to the auction of my Audi a2 1.4 tdi sport. Full grey leather interior. 4 good tires.

It has mot up to 5th November 2020 and only has 1 advisory which is rear wheel slightly binding.

Last year it had a new cam belt

This year it has had a new oil filter oil air filter fuel filter, thermostat and coolant temperature sensor.

It however has the following intermittent fault that I can't seem to get to the bottom of.

It will go into limp mode with fault P299 (under boost). This can be reset and it will be fine for 100 miles or more. It seems to happen at light throttle at exactly 2000 rpm. Ie 60 mph on the motorway, if driven hard the fault does not happen. At 70 mph it's fine. I have changed my driving style to get around this.

I took it to an independent Audi specialist who diagnosed the turbo. more

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Ending: Friday Dec 13, 20:15 GMT

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