If I had 10 Questions to Ask For Car Insurance, what should they be?

Sometimes when it comes to cheap car insurance it isn’t always the best thing for you when it comes to all of your needs. You need to read the small print first and we will show you how.

Anything that screams “cheap” has a catch. In the event of an accident, the company could charge you a bill for compulsory excess. This is how much you have to shell out if you make a claim.

You may notice that the insurance only covers specific items, or the policy may cover less than other companies. You definitely want to make sure that the agency is licensed and authorized by the FSA (https://www.fca.org.uk/).

When shopping for car insurance, think of the following questions.

1. Do I need Third Party or Comprehensive insurance?

The only thing that third party insurance covers are any type of damage or injury to the vehicle and/or person that you harmed. You will have to pay for any damages to your own car.

Third party fire and theft (TPFT) comes into play when your car is lost by fire or stolen. Then it will cover you.

When it comes to comprehensive coverage it does include damage to your vehicle as well.

So as a general rule of thumb

  • Old bangers that are not worth repairing - third party
  • An old banger that needs to be replaced when stolen - third party fire and theft
  • Your pride and joy that will make you weep if anything happens to it - comprehensive

2. Are you limited to a certain mileage?

UK drivers on average drive a little over 8,300 miles a year roughly. When you purchase insurance how much you drive will come into play. Your insurer can lower the claim if you drive over the average amount of mileage or you have an accident.

3.Are there any strings attached?

When it comes to your age, experience, and the car that your drive, there are agencies out there that pay a larger contribution toward the claim.

Also, it’s better to leave valuable personal belongings in your home. Some companies may not cover them.

4. What is the excess?

An excess is an amount on which the insurance company will keep from a claim. It's usually around 100-300 pounds, but can be a lot higher on cheaper premiums.

5. Legal and medical expenses limit.

It really depends. You have to make sure that it meets your specific needs.

6. Will I get a rental car if I get into an accident?

Some companies will offer one at an extra charge.

7. Will I be covered in Europe?

Almost every insurance agency provides the minimum amount of coverage in all European countries. If you want a more comprehensive coverage will have to pay extra.

8.If I have driving convictions to will my premiums be affected?

Depending on what you did and how long ago, insurance can impose a higher premium. Your record does follow you everywhere.

If you have six points or more some agencies won’t even ensure you.

9.What can I get with the maximum no claim bonus?

Basically the longer you go without a claim the less of a premium you will pay overtime.

10. How can I get discounts on my insurance?

If you are a member of the AA, have no pending points, reduce your annual mileage, or park your car in the garage, you will most likely qualify for discounts.

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